About Us

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Its simple, no Rocket Science involved. We are here to help you find an apartment and give you a fresh experience while doing it.

Our mission:  Help you find an apartment that best fits your needs and wants, in the most efficient manner, with a fresh experience.

Every client is a unique and fresh opportunity that we appreciate and take very seriously.  Whether you are looking for your first apartment or moving on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky, we will provide a high level of service and expertise throughout your journey.  We are not about confusing and intricate apartment locating, we’re just a good team, with better apartment finding tools, and a trustworthy commitment to helping our clients.

We are a subsidiary of Imprint Realty a real estate company based in Austin,Texas.  We currently serve the 4 major metropolitan areas of Texas; Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.  Our team has collective experience in real estate of over 15 years, which started in Apartment Locating. We are now expanding our business and coming full circle with a fresh perspective on how to serve your Apartment Search needs best.

What we do:

  • We help you find an apartment
  • We help speed up the process
  • We provide info for questions you have about the moving process
  • We give back to you after using our services
  • We connect with our clients and what’s going on the city


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